Notching almost 15 years of digital marketing campaigns, I was once asked:

What has been your biggest failure in designing/executing a marketing/sales campaign? Why do you consider it a failure and what was the problem?

It is when a business tries to employ marketing as if it is a small portion from the outside, like “social media marketing”. It’s like “preheat the oven for me” and call it “cooking”. It’s like interjection. Real marketing is like a burning star, all consuming. It pertains to all areas of the business, all parts of the business.

A bad customer support, or a…

Every project is different, and every marketing agency or marketing manager or CMO is different. The difference comes from how they handle the information, or when they handle it, but the discovery phase remains pretty much the same.

This article outlines the list of things you should have ready before trying to work with anyone from a marketing team — whether it’s an agency, a CMO, or a manager. They cannot help you in the best way without the information on this list. …

Facebook as we know has grown to become a complicated ad network with way too many options, settings, placements, and metrics over time. Thanks to Facebook’s ability to legally breach privacy (or not?), there is so much data in there to play with, leading to a very complex platform. Thus, the objective of this piece is to make it easier with a few metrics of focus, a few secondary metrics, and a run-through on how to wrap the mind around it.

We can group the KPI(Key Performance Indicator)s on Facebook Ads into a few easy categories which are obvious and…

The First On-Demand Shopping Platform

About WeBuy

  • Founded in 2019 by Emil Guberman, WeBuy is a blockchain-based decentralized on-demand shopping platform aimed at streamlining the shopping experience of the buyer by allowing them to list their needs and search for sellers
  • WeBuy is the first platform to put the buyer on the driver’s seat and allow them to form a profitable business based on geolocalized sellers and product managers.


  • Website Traffic & Design
  1. The login/register page was not visible as soon as they open but the menu needs to be clicked. Heading + Login/Register forms should be visible on page load.
  2. The tester page did not work…

Private investments are happening more than the public rounds” — KEY

A panel of experts was asked about their perspectives on current events affecting the ICO and crypto market. One of the concerns brought up is about the “current winter” and if there is going to be a “spring soon”, referring to the frozen crypto market. Could increasing government regulations overturn public sentiments from lack of engagement (winter) to more of brisk activity (spring)? The question was passed on to me.

I would say that the regulations are very specific to different regions in the crypto space. We’re not doing…

“ From a growth perspective, this is a very normal cycle “ — KEY

ICO and crypto experts were asked to give their perspectives on the future of ICOs and cryptocurrency market in a BrightTALK panel. The current bear market has painted a gloomy picture and as a crypto enthusiast, I took this opportunity to shine a light in the dark and share thoughts on strategies that could thaw out the “frozen ICO Market” due to seesawing public sentiments.

I would say that the ICO market is STILL pretty much there. It’s not going away and will be there for…

Early in October 2018, after years of growth, investors appear to be spooked by rising bond yields that have been drawing some out of the stock market. Fears of further falls led others to sell their holdings. The best-performing stocks over the past year — which include the so-called Faang companies of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — took some of the biggest losses Wednesday. Amazon lost 6.2% and Netflix gave back 8.4%.

How are ICOs affected by these turn of events? The bear markets of 2018 have generally hit ICOs hard. It has become extremely difficult to raise…

Lessons from mistakes of past ICOs CANNOT save you in the future because the times are changing and the errors that people would make or have made are very different. What was right in 2017 is no longer right in 2018; what was right in early 2018, is so wrong right now.

If someone looks at those success stories for good strategies to implement, that’s not going to work. On the other hand, you can learn from past mistakes and failures but cannot expect success just by avoiding them.

For example, let’s consider that your proposed ICO is not really…

Why should you launch your own startup as an ICO? Or should you put your existing company for expansion using an ICO? There are multiple benefits to ICOs due to their decentralized nature, primarily because monopolies, governments, and geographical boundaries cannot restrict the growth of your business on the blockchain. But are you also well aware of the flipside of how ICOs can put you in trouble, or change the focus of your company because you’ve become saddled with restrictions?

The big plus that most business owners see is that, compared to the VCs and all those other means of…

The major challenge that blockchain faces currently is “adoption”. There are platforms where millions of traffic/users DO NOT know of the blockchain. The success of any blockchain initiative hinges on ensuring that full adoption is brought in right from the start. It’s more of a technical strategy than a mere marketing tactic. So, there is a need to agree on a compromise = security.

If you are going to complain about the security and rather stick with just the geeks in the platform, a handful, well, that door is always open for you. But with the current climate, mass adoption…


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